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State of the Art: Protecting Your Photo Files

Technologie LC président, David Zimmerman, posted an article on American Photography’s ProPhotoDaily about how photographers can protect their digital files.

State of the Art: Protecting Your Photo Files

By David Zimmerman Thursday June 4, 2015

Professional photographers rely on advanced equipment to setup and take the very best shots. The care and attention to detail that goes into choosing this equipment should also be extended to the tools that store and protect images.

Portable et pratique, SD cards provide photographers with powerful storage that can hold thousands of images and video files. Cependant, these cards are not ideal for longer-term storage because of their fragility and the ease with which image file data can be corrupted. External hard drives and cloud storage should be utilized for safer storage of vital images.

To reduce the risk of catastrophic data loss, photographers should heed these eight expert tips:

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