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Recover Deleted Hard Drive Data

How To Recover Deleted Hard Drive Data

It can happen to anyone. Data files are suddenly gone. What’s worse, other files seem to be missing also.  You have hard drive data that has been deleted. How to recover deleted hard drive data?

Your first course of action is to not panic. Yes, it can be stressful to lose the work you have saved, but take a deep breath and read on. That data is recoverable.

Now, do not continue to work on that hard drive. Any additional work on that drive, may overwrite the data that seems lost.  New data added to the disk, makes recovery of the deleted data increasingly difficult.

Download FILERECOVERY data recovery software.  FILERECOVERY is a safe, and easy-to-use data recovery utility that can walk you through the recovery process.  If possible, download FILERECOVERY on another computer,  so as to keep activity on the suspect computer to a minimum.   Also, do not turn off or reboot the computer.

This page is for the Windows version of FILERECOVERY. Should you need it for the Mac OS, it is available here. FILERECOVERY for Mac OS.

Following these steps, you will be on the way to recovering your data.

Run FILERECOVERY, and click the Continue button.

data recovery software


Step 1: From the list of media choices, choose the recovery scenario that best fits your data loss situation.  Then, click Continue.

data recovery software


Step 2: Select a volume you wish to recover. If your volume is not available, select the disk that DID contain the volume.

data recovery software


Step 3: Select a data recovery scenario that best fits your data loss situation. Then, Click Continue.

data recovery software


Step 4: Check the selected options and click Continue to start the scan. Please note, depending on the size of your disk, this scan make take several hours.

data recovery software


Step 5:  After the data recovery scan is completed, a list of recoverable files is shown.  Please select the files you wish to recover.  Please save your selected files to another disk.  Note: do not save them back to the disk you just recovered them from. Saving the recovered files back to the disk that had the data loss issues is not advised.

recover deleted hard drive data


Should you need further assistance with the FILERECOVERY data recovery software program, our friendly support staff is ready to assist you. Please contact us at support@lc-tech.com. We also offer physical recovery for those times when software cannot recover your data. Please contact our Data Recovery Center for additional assistance.




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