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保护和恢复数据 - 提示为摄影师

我们的CEO, 大卫·齐默尔曼, contributed an article to ProductionHub.com on protecting and recovering data as it relates to photographers.

Whether you are a professional or a novice, these tips are sage advice. Knowing these steps and planning ahead, can save you an issues in the future.

保护和恢复数据 - 提示为摄影师

Until they are printed or framed, a photographers actual “products” are digital files held on either a hard drive, SD card, or USB drive. It’s similar for broadcast video files, where they remain hidden away in digital form until displayed on screen. Keeping a massive collection of images or video files on just one storage medium is a recipe for disaster, as accidents and errors do happen. 和, photographers that lose their work risk ruining their current customers, reputation and business referrals.

值得庆幸的是, there are several processes and technology tools that photographers should employ to best protect, backup, and store their digital media files.







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