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LC Technology Privacy Policy

Data Recovery Services:
Our data recovery lab is a secure environment with all customer data kept private, and with controlled laboratory access to ensure only appropriate specialists handle sensitive information. We are regularly contracted to recover classified data for the government, law enforcement agencies and private organizations. LC Technology is accustomed to the level of privacy and protection that classified materials require. All recovered documents are permanently wiped after 30 days.

Purpose: LC Technology International’s privacy statement was written as a guide to the information we collect from users and how we use that information. We feel this will allow them to make an educated and comfortable decision to supply information to us. If you have any questions comments or concerns about our privacy policy, please let us know at Service@LC-Tech.com.


Statistic Tracking
Demographic and personal information we request
How we use collected information
Who we share information with

Statistics Tracking: LC Technology operates 4 main sites, www.LC-Tech.com, www.LC-Tech.co.uk, www.FILERECOVERY.com and www.PHOTORECOVERY.us. All sites track statistics. The sites run on Windows® 2003 Server with Extended Logging. IIS captures IP Address and referring URL as well as keywords used in major search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, and Google. The statistics also track pages viewed, how long they are viewed, session time and other statistics. This information is used internally only to manage the user experience better. We do not publish or in anyway make our statistics public. We may, on occasion list how many visitors or hits our site has handled in a given time period, but no specific information on individual IP addresses is released. Our statistics are compiled and tracked with LiveStats XSP, it will do a reverse DNS lookup and display a machine name and origin. This is used for regional Demographics only and is not stored, nor shared.

Cookies: We only use cookies in the e-commerce area of our site. Cookies are used to keep track of the shopping cart contents and the buying session. The cookies are also used to help fill in forms automatically. The cookies do not send any information and expire in a few days.

Demographic Information and Personal Information We Request: We request personal information in several areas of our website; when Demos are downloaded, information is requested, products are purchased, technical support is requested or a subscription to our newsletter is requested. Along with personal information we also request basic Demographic information and/or a description of the problem you are having. All mailing lists are opt-in and the user can unsubscribe at anytime by sending an e-Mail to Unsubscribe@LC-Tech.com to be immediately removed.

How We Use Collected Information: Any information collected on our website, whether submitted by the user or collected by the statistics server is used strictly in-house for Demographic analysis, product improvement and enhanced user experience. We do have a monthly newsletter which is opt-in by e-Mail. We do not spam or bulk e-Mail offers or advertising nor do we sell or distribute our list to any third party persons or companies. We keep all information strictly confidential.

Who We Share Information With: The only third parties who have any access to information about our customers are SecureTrading, MultiSafePay credit card processing gateways, PayPal and SanDisk® Corporation. Information is sent to SecureTrading/MultiSafePay/PayPal only when a customer makes a purchase and we use their secure transaction gateways. SecureTrading and MultiSafePay are some of the largest credit card processors in Europe. You can view their information below. SecureTrading/MultiSafePay/PayPal have verbally verified they do not share information and that it is against the card issuers policy, which does not allow them to share any billing information. LC Technology cannot back any privacy policy by SecureTrading/MultiSafePay/Paypal. Information is sent to SanDisk® Corporation only when a customer has purchased SanDisk® RescuePRO® directly from www.LC-Tech.com. SanDisk® Corporation is one of the largest producers and suppliers of flash storage card products for a wide variety of electronic products and digital devices. LC Technology International cannot back any privacy policy by SanDisk® Corporation.

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