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Managing GoPro Devices and Protecting Data

YakAngler.com is an online resource for kayak fishing.
Many kayak anglers like to have GoPro cameras mounted on the kayaks to record their fishing action.
Given the environment and conditions the cameras may be put through, there are steps that can be taken to protect that the data on the GoPro camera memory card.
YakAngler.com recently asked our president, David Zimmerman to write an article on the steps that can be taken to do just that.


Monday, 02 February 2015 00:00

Managing GoPro Devices and Protecting Data

Written by  David Zimmerman

Do a tour through YouTube and you’ll find thousands of videos by GoPro users. Whether it’s a live shot of a concert or a chronicling of a tough hike through a slot canyon, people that love the outdoors are now “GoProing” their adventure. For kayakers, the device is perfect, because it’s mountable and of course very waterproof. It’s ideal for capturing a great paddling vista or recording the catch of the day.

And they are very tough. A skydiver in the UK had a GoPro attached to his helmet, but it came loose in mid dive.The device fell 12,500 feet, but managed to record and survive the free fall. Despite their amazing durability, the devices are not indestructible or infallible. They’re still made out of electronics that can fail and act in undesirable ways.

Adventure seekers who want to capture every scintillating moment should understand how their GoPro can be damaged, and tips for pulling lost data.

What causes data loss in GoPro devices?   Read more here


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