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Just In Time for the Dog Days of Summer

As we approach the Dog Days of summer, now would be a good time to revisit an interview our president, David Zimmerman, did with Phillip Mlynar of Dogster.com about what to do when your dog damages your computer/digital equipment.

Phillip Mlynar from Dogster.com interviewed our president, David Zimmerman, on what to do when your dog wrecks your computer/digital equipment.
Good advice on how to prevent these disasters follows….

What Happens When Dogs Wreck Computer Equipment? We Talk to a Data Recovery Expert

David Zimmerman gets digital stuff back when a faithful canine friend slobbers all over a laptop.

  |  Sep 12th 2014

Has your dog ever broken something valuable? Say a lamp, a piece of clothing, or even a beloved upholstered chair? Doggie damage to a physical object can be annoying, but those items can always be replaced. But what do you do when your canine companion manages to chew through a camera’s memory card or tampers with your laptop?

Enter David Zimmerman, a data recovery champion at LC Technology, who’s seen his fair share of dog-destroyed memory cards and computer components. Here’s his guide to safeguarding your data from your technologically challenged pooch.

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