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How You Can Avoid Losing Data On Your Flash Memory Cards

Our president, David Zimmerman, wrote a guest article for the people at PictureCorrect.com on how to avoid data loss on your flash memory cards. This article originally ran last August, but the tips are timeless.
Whether you are a photographer or not, this is an article you should read.

How To Avoid Losing Data on Your Flash Memory Cards

by David Zimmerman

While today’s cameras are technical marvels, they can be temperamental. The thin memory cards that store precious photos can be even touchier.

Taking your best ever landscape shot or hundreds of great wedding photos is fun, but the shots can be ruined if your memory card is acting glitchy. The memory card not working is akin to the film in a 35mm camera being exposed accidentally to sunlight. It will ruin your day. So how can you keep your photos safe? Follow these seven tips to ensure your memory cards function properly.
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