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去Pro用户对决: 5 常见原因的数据丢失

Do you own an GoPro camera?

Our CEO contributed an article to 50Campfires.com on the 5 common reasons for data loss on your GoPro. Want to prevent data loss before it can happen? Read this short article and be prepared!

去Pro用户对决: 5 常见原因的数据丢失

由大卫·齐默尔曼, 龙昌科技首席执行官

Pulling the card out while it is in use. Whether it is in the camera or in a reader attached to the computer, pulling the card before it is finished being written will cause trouble. Any missing data will cause an error that the camera can’t overcome. Usually it will tell you that you need to reformat the card. Even when you think the camera or computer is done writing to the card, allow an extra minute to be sure and turn the camera off before removing the card.

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