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FILERECOVERY Professional Help File

You should be able to find the answer to most questions relating to our products in the help file included with each software product. If for some reason you cannot find the answer you need, you can get further assistance by filling out our support form below, or by calling +44 (0)115 704 3306, Monday through Friday 9:00am – 5:30pm GMT (excluding holidays). When calling you should be in front of the system you are working on. Please include as much detail as possible including the Operating System, drive and partition size, system type, file system and how the data was lost.

Important Notes:

  • You should not use the system with the deleted files to surf the Internet, check mail or create documents.
  • Never install software to disk containing deleted files you wish to recover.
  • The more activity, the less chance of a successful recovery.

If you need to download the compressed and encrypted recovery tools for FILERECOVERY® Professional,
please click here: FRPRO-TOOLS

The following steps describe how to quickly scan your drive for lost data using FILERECOVERY® Professional.

First reduce the amount of scan options on the software to find the correct type of data:

  • Start the FILERECOVERY® Professional software and close the wizard
  • Click the Open Drive icon and then click on the Scan Options icon
  • If your drive was in NTFS format, uncheck the FAT drive options; if it was a FAT drive, uncheck the NTFS options
  • Uncheck the Maximum File Size option
  • If your drive was NTFS, click on the Scan Filter tab and uncheck the Rebuild Folder Structure option
  • Click Save, then OK

Follow the steps below to scan the drive:
1. Start the FILERECOVERY® Professional software and close the wizard
2. Click the Open Drive icon and then go to the Physical drive tab
3. Choose the Fixed Disk number that is the same as the drive missing the data
4. Click on Full Scan in the lower right
5. Click OK on the sector range
6. When this scan finishes, you will be back in the Select Drive screen – there should be green icon drives showing
7. Look at the green drives and choose the one that most closely matches the original partition you were looking for
8. Click OK and let that scan run
9. When finished, click the Find Lost Data icon on the left tool bar
10. Click OK on the cluster range
11. When this scan finishes, it will be a deep scan of that partition, and you can use the Find Files icon on the left to search for specific data
12. Save the data off to another drive – do not write the data back to the original location

NOTE: If the data you are looking for cannot be found, do NOT close FILERECOVERY® Professional; click on Open Drive and choose another green drive icon, and repeat the last four steps.



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