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Building a Plan Around the Cloud’s Limitations

Building a Plan Around the Cloud’s Limitations

What goes into a strategic data management plan for the cloud? Here are some guidelines to consider to keep your data safe and your team efficient.

Our CEO, , authored an article for DZone/Cloud Zone on The Cloud and issues for consideration if you and your company are using, or planning to use the cloud.

Experiencing data loss is a crippling event for any business. Loss of internal data can mean business interruption and an inability to fulfill orders or coordinate various marketing, sales, or IT efforts. If the loss becomes public knowledge and involves customers’ private information, then there’s the hit to the firm’s brand reputation, which can be impossible to repair. Protecting data from these issues is of paramount importance, and requires a well-planned data management strategy. A core part of the modern strategy is the usage of cloud services to inexpensively and securely hold data.

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