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Conseils pour protéger vos données

David Zimmerman, Président de LC Technology, a été interviewé par le magazine Opportunités Small Business sur les étapes d'une petite entreprise peut faire pour protéger leurs données. Si vous possédez une petite entreprise, les points de contours ici peut vous faire économiser du stress à l'avenir. Tips To Protect Your Data Tips […]

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Solid State Drives VS durs Disque dur

Eric Jacksch from ITinCanadaOnline.com interviewed our president, David Zimmerman, for his just published article on the pros and cons of SSD’s compared to HDD’s. If you are considering upgrading to an SSD, this article is a must read. SSD VS. HDD ON 07 OCTOBER 2015. POSTED IN […]

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When Disaster Strikes données – Article sur USAToday.com

USAToday.com just went live with an article, about how to deal with possible data loss. Notre président, David Zimmerman, was one of the sources that USAToday.com sought for this article. Preparedness and prevention are two words that are sometimes overused. Not in this instance. Sound advice in […]

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A Sad Story of Why You Should Always Backup Your Data

It seems that singer/songwriter, multi-Grammy Award winner Garth Brooks had all of his work for his newest album stored on his phone. And that phone has died. He had no backup! Tricia Gilbride wrote the article for Mashable. The machines have spoken, and they strongly prefer techno […]

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