FB 公平的竞争环境: 大数据的为小型企业成长辅助 - 英国数据恢复软件和服务
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公平的竞争环境: 大数据的为小型企业成长辅助

公平的竞争环境: 大数据的为小型企业成长辅助

我们的CEO, 大卫·齐默尔曼, contributed an article to SucceedAsYourOwnBoss.com.
The article covers steps in protecting your data, backing up and more.

Protecting the Investment – Backing up Big Data

A persistent challenge for small businesses that are using big data is figuring out where to store all of the information. As the volume of analyzed data grows, so does its importance to the organization, as well as the downside risk if that data disappears. Managers at small businesses starting out with big data will quickly find they’re dependent on the resulting insights, and must protect the information if they want business growth to continue.

Despite its impressive storage capabilities and new improvements made to the technology, tape is still limited in usefulness. It requires manual functions to back-up to the tape, as well as physical transport and storage by an outsourced firm. Linear tape holds data differently than external hard drives. It’s prone to deterioration and affected by environmental conditions and fluctuations.


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