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LC Technology President David Zimmerman Interviewed by Digital Benchmarks

Sally Wiener Grotta and Daniel Grotta recently interviewed our President, David Zimmerman via a Google Hangout.

They asked Mr. Zimmerman for his tips on safeguarding the data (in their case, photos) on your memory cards.

Below is their article, plus you can also view their video interview in the YouTube video.

8 Tips for Safeguarding the Photos on Your Memory Cards

November 5, 2013

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David Zimmerman is a man you never want to need, because if you do, you’ve had a disaster and somehow have lost your photos or data. David’s company LC Technology specializes in recovering photos and data from malfunctioning, corrupt or damaged memory cards, hard drives and other devices.

If anyone knows what can go wrong with memory cards — and how to avoid disaster with them — it’s David. This video is of an interview that we did with David about how to properly handle and use memory cards, so your photos are safe. And what to do when all else fails.


Here are the highlights of his tips:

  1. Handle your memory card carefully.
  2. Keep your cards in their plastic cases.
  3. Don’t expose your cards to the elements, such as extreme heat or cold, or moisture.
  4. Don’t touch the contact
  5. Turn off your camera (or other device), before inserting or removing your memory card.
  6. When moving a card from one camera (or device) to another, first get your photos or data off the card, save it to your computer, then reformat the card in the new device. (Each camera has its own DCIM folder structure.)
  7. Less is more. Use lots of smaller capacity cards rather than one or two high capacity cards.
  8. Don’t delete your pictures in the camera. It can fragment your data, and cause problems with retrieval.

– See more at: http://www.digitalbenchmarks.com/blog.htm?post=935219#sthash.7fdIIaFb.dpuf

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