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Dude, Where’s My Video?

Dude, Where’s my Video?

I know, it’s in here somewhere…

Our CEO, David Zimmerman, is interview by Markee Magazine about video recovery, steps to prevent loss of digital video footage, and steps to take if you should lose video.
Mr. Zimmerman also covers LC Technology’s newest product release, VIDEORECOVERY 2019. Designed to support newer high-end video formats used in action cameras and devices like GoPro and DJI drones, as well as movie production cameras like ARRI, RED, Blackmagic and Magic Lantern, the utility allows for recovery from digital cameras, memory cards, flash drives, external storage, USB sticks and other storage devices.

We’ve all seen the early movie projection booth shot where the projector jambs and the film gets a smoldering, blooming burn through the middle just before the whole things goes up in flames. Truly scary for anyone in film. The modern, digital version would be a video storage card getting smashed or a “404” error message when trying to access your work in the cloud.

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